We provide the opportunities our community needs to thrive.

We serve people of all ages in the North Brooklyn area with necessary services like tenant protection, senior services, training & career development, and more.

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    We all know a global pandemic is nothing to sneeze at. Since COVID started shutting down so many elements of daily life, our consistency in providing necessary services to the community has grown well-being and sparked hope. Your gift to St. Nicks Alliance will help boost our efforts as a civic anchor and an emergency resource, and much more!

      Services We Provide


      St. Nicks Alliance helps children, ages 2–24, to advance through school and into careers through high quality programming that enriches and supports their academic success, social skills, and self-sufficiency needed to thrive. Transformational coaching for children facing obstacles to help them overcome challenges and succeed.


      St. Nicks Alliance develops and manages affordable rental, cooperative, senior, and supportive housing for 7,000 families and individuals. We provide information, technical support, and advocacy for residents faced with illegal eviction while addressing City and State affordable housing public policy.


      Our Workforce Development Center is here to help acquire the in-demand skills needed to secure high wage career track jobs leading to economic independence, find that first job, obtain a high school diploma, or master English. Transformational coaching services help overcome challenges.


      Elder Care provides caring, engaging, attentive, high quality services to community seniors to help them remain happy, cared for, and active. Services include home care, assisted living for Medicaid, and access to fun activities, hot meals at senior centers, and transportation for seniors with limited mobility.

      Went through the Environmental Remediation course several years ago. Finished classes on a Thursday and that very Saturday I was heading to the Gulf oil spill in Alabama. Great classes, teachers, and staff. Still continue to be in the field. THANKS St. Nicks Alliance!


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