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St. Nicks Alliance pursues a goal to inspire, stimulate, and improve the literacy of North Brooklyn’s children. Literacy is core to St. Nicks Alliance’s Afterschool and with support from reading coaches and visits to the BK Story Voyager, help improve reading levels and school success.

The idea of the BK Story Voyager was born and won initial funding from Participatory Budgeting.  In early 2016, this impressive 40-foot-long mobile lending library began its route to designated after-school sites.

Literacy – BK Story Voyager

The flagship of St. Nicks Alliance’s literacy initiative, the BK Story Voyager, provides children and families at local schools, after-school centers, and community events with inspiring experiences that spark engagement with books.

The BK Story Voyager addresses a real problem in our community: lack of access to books. In order for children to choose to read they must be able to pursue their own passions and interest, and have access to a wide variety of literature and materials.

The BK Story Voyager offers a wide range of enriching and fun experiences for kids of all ages and background at St. Nicks Alliance after-school centers and local events.

For individuals seeking BK Story Voyager services, click the link below.

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