Affordable Housing

We serve as a catalyst to improve the quality of life for North Brooklyn residents by addressing economic, housing, and social needs while preserving the vibrant and diverse character of the community, particularly for low- and moderate-income residents.

We are a resource for residents who are dealing with illegal eviction, landlord harassment, etc., or need assistance applying for affordable housing.

Community Preservation

& Tenant Services

Our work is guided by five principles of community development:

  • Achieve tangible results
  • Empower residents and encourage self-help
  • Leverage financial and human capital
  • Foster grassroots decision-making through partnerships and collaboration
  • Rebuild the social fabric of our community.

Empowering Community Residents

For residents having problems with their landlords, we offer:

  • Counseling by our experienced professionals
  • Applying for Affordable Housing workshops
  • Tenants’ Rights Workshops
  • Tenants’ Rights Activism
  • Other empowerment opportunities for renters.

For individuals needing community resident services Click Below:

“GET HELP Cmty Resident Services page” Coming Soon!

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