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St. Nicks Alliance develops and manages affordable housing for low-and-moderate-income individuals, families, seniors and vulnerable populations. Currently, we manage over 1,400 units of 100% affordable rental apartments and co-operative housing throughout Brooklyn

St. Nicks Alliance manages affordable rental apartments. There are a variety of income thresholds for people to qualify and all households must provide updates on their income during occupancy. The apartments are filled through “waitlists”.

Managed Housing

Apply for St. Nicks Alliance Managed Housing Through:

  • NYC Housing Connect
  • St. Nicks Alliance General Waitlists
  • Individual properties financed by US Dept. of HUD

It’s strongly recommended that all people seeking housing apply to NYC Housing Connect as it has the largest inventory of affordable housing in New York City. including most of St. Nicks Alliance portfolio.

Through NYC Housing Connect applicants can apply for existing rental housing as well as be included in lotteries for new developments. This is the primary way to find and apply for affordable rental and homeownership opportunities city-wide and at St. Nicks Alliance.

For more information and to apply for affordable housing lotteries, create a free profile at NYC Housing Connect.

Application Assistance & Preparation

For assistance in creating a profile or application preparation St. Nicks Alliance offers affordable in-person housing workshops.

Workshops are held the 2nd Monday of every month from 6:00 pm- 8:00pm at 211 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn.

To register for the workshop or for further assistance contact St. Nicks Alliance Housing Counseling Services at 718-388-5454 ext. 672.

About Managed Housing

Option 1 – NYC Housing Connect

Many affordable housing vacancies in St. Nicks Alliance’s properties are filled from NYC Housing Connect. Applicants can select their preferred neighborhood and property. However, NYC Housing Agency (NYC HPD) makes the referral to St. Nicks Alliance from their Housing Connect waitlist.

Option 2: St. Nicks Alliance Multi-family Housing

St. Nicks Alliance has several properties not connected to Housing Connect. All are affordable to low-income households, under two separate waiting lists.

General Wait List – This list is used to fill vacancies in more than 35 multi-family properties located in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy and Bushwick (except for the property at 270 Pulaski Street).

Click here to start application. If you prefer to mail an application, please download the waitlist application and mail the completed application to:

St. Nicks Alliance General Housing Waiting List
260 Powers Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

270 Pulaski Street Wait List

This property has a single waitlist due to federal guidelines. Click here to start application. If you prefer to mail an application, please download the Waitlist application and mail the completed application to:

270 Pulaski Street, LP
c/o St. Nicks Alliance
260 Powers Street, Brooklyn NY 11211

St. Nicks Alliance Senior Housing

St. Nicks Alliance manages 5 properties (450 units) which are dedicated to low income elderly or disabled residents. These properties are overseen by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). Each property has its own individual waitlist.

If you prefer to mail an application, please download the waitlist application to the site you wish to apply to and mail the completed application to the address on the application.

St. Nicks Alliance Senior Housing Waitlist
260 Powers Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Download an application by clicking on the following:

Other Housing Resources

NYCHA – Public Housing: To be considered for an apartment in a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) development, please apply directly with NYCHA – Click Here.

Lindsay Park Cooperative: Lindsay Park is a 2,701-unit housing cooperative located in the East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The cooperative is part of Mitchell-Lama Housing, through which the state of New York grants it tax exemptions to maintain affordability. The management office is located at 202 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211  Phone: 718-782-9000

Emergency Housing:  For emergency housing, call the New York City Information Hotline at 311 to find the nearest emergency housing location.

Individuals and families who are homeless or housing insecure and are seeking permanent housing must be referred by their shelter provider or relevant government agency. For more information on St. Nicks Alliance’s Supportive Housing, click here (*page to be created).

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