About Us – Board and Staff


Michael Rochford

Executive Director

Jose Leon

First Deputy Executive Director

Frank Lang

Deputy Executive Director, Housing

Amy Berg

Deputy Executive Director for
Social Services

Debra Sue Lorenzen

Director, Youth and Education

Larry Rothchild

Senior Managing Director,
Workforce Development

Simone Mayhew

Director, Elder Care

Cindy Ross

Director, Finance & Administration

Affordable Housing

Rolando Guzman, Deputy Director, Community Preservation, 718-388-5454 ext.669

Mary Cooper-McFarlane, Deputy Director, Supportive Housing, 718-388-5454 ext. 303

Brian Halusan, Director of Real Estate Development, 718-388-5454 ext. 172

Richard Fox, Managing Director Asset/Prop. Mgmt., 718-388-5454 ext. 131

Cecilia Brown, Assist. Director of Property Operations, 718-388-5454 ext. 109

Angelica Arias, Assist. Director Occupancy & Compliance, 718-388-5454 ext. 515

Elder Care

Lisa Finger, Deputy Director, Field Operations, Home Care, 718-388-5454 ext. 210

Myrna Yen, Deputy Director, Assisted Living, 718-782-3390 ext. 209

Cheryl L. Kamen, Deputy Director, Older Adult Centers and NORC, 718-963-3793 ext. 910

Mayra Nieves, Program Director, Lindsay Park NORC, 718-874-0102 ext. 815

Denise Perez, Program Director, Older Adult Centers, 718-227-3652 ext. 917

Workforce Development

Beatrice Brown, Deputy Director, Employment Services, 718-388-5454 ext. 406

Sarah Lorya, Director of Workforce Operations, 718-388-5454 ext. 427

Youth and Education

Stan Mitev, Deputy Director of Operations

Staci White, Director of Small World Early Childhood Center, 718-963-0330 ext. 12

TBD, Deputy Director, Afterschool Centers and Teen Services, 718-388-5454  ext. 902

Juli-Anne Sabino, Deputy Director of Children & Youth

Mike Smith, Associate Director of Middle School & Campus Services

Sandra Serva, Associate Director of After School Sites


Lori Ann Doyon, Communications Manager, Greenline Editor, 718-388-5454 ext. 167

Sophia Heit, Communications Associate, 718-388-5454 ext. 113


Joseph K. Robles


Laura James

Vice Chair

John D’Arienzo


Pastor Philip J. Waldvogel



Michael Andrews

Debra Benders

Ed Brittenham

Philip Caponegro

David Fagan

Kim Gabriel

Lisa Gutting

Ray Kairys

Sal Meli

Felicia Pecoraro

Ben Robles

Lisa Summa

Theresa Womble

Bertha Watson